I always try to convey a message/thought or theme in my work, and for this I explored what play means and the connections it has with creativity. Firstly, I produced a kaleidoscope design of a textured image I had previously done - I’m quite addicted to kaleidoscope imagery, I think it’s the repetitive nature and psychedelic patterns that interests me so much. But this didn’t satisfy me as a final design, a design to communicate the notion of play. I thought about the phrase ‘let your creative juices flow’ and I think having this in my mind influenced a lot of the stuff I did next. I basically just decided to play with the kaleidoscope design I had already created, messing around with different effects and distortions. This is what makes the series of prints experimental, because I didn’t really have a plan of what to do, I just had a play, and the designs have actually turned out to be pretty cool.

1st of a series I’ve titled play, in which I’ve explored the meaning of play. It might not look it, but it’s a developed concept and something that I want to evolve into more series of prints.
I’ll upload the process I went through making the designs, but in the meantime you can just stare at this and the colours. Trippy


1st of a series I’ve titled play, in which I’ve explored the meaning of play. It might not look it, but it’s a developed concept and something that I want to evolve into more series of prints.

I’ll upload the process I went through making the designs, but in the meantime you can just stare at this and the colours. Trippy


This has been a big job, from photo editing to editorial layout, making sure certain elements of the magazine are consistent and other sections of the magazine are distinctively different from other sections (e.g. Perspectives).

A few of us have contributed to the design of it; it has had its changes over the past few weeks and it’s massively different from when we first started on it - either because of change to articles and copy within the articles, change of colour and design, or even just the change of images.

It’s good to see it finally finished. The first 3 screen shots just show the process of editing the photos ready for print (CMYK, 300dpi). Indesign is really good for letting you were you have messed up, and what errors you need to correct - a  bit like a girlfriend really - except Indesign tells you what you have done wrong.

This is the video I created that will be shown at the beginning of the Student Union presentation.

Title banner that will be used for corporate university videos. This is a way of displaying the subjects name and profession, or for displaying relevant and important information.

This is a new outro that will be used for university videos - very similar to the intro. I included text to be used a s a guideline.

This is a new intro I’ve developed that will go at the beginning of official corporate university videos. I’ve used the symbolic red stripe as a transitional device to reveal the university logo.

Work placement update

It’s been quite a while since I last posted about my work placement at the university, so here’s an update of the work I’ve been working on over the last few weeks.

With the start of university approaching, it’s been hectic in the office and work has been piling up on everyones desks - I suppose this is a good thing for me because I’m getting into the habit of working to tight deadlines and getting work finished quickly.

these are some of the projects I’ve worked on/assisted with:

Welcome week signs

This has been a big job, as I was only given specifications for the signs at the beginning of last week (and they need to be printed and put up on and around the university campus this week). I had about 13 different signs to produce artwork for including large pvc banners to go on university buildings and flags for the sports centre - you’ll see them over the next couple of weeks. Creating the artwork was the easy bit, the trouble we have had is the printing turnover for them, because most of them take 4-5 days to print; a job like this needs a lot of clarification and I’ve seen on some areas of this project communication could have been better - another thing I’m picking up and learning whilst I’m here.

Alumni magazine

The alumni magazine is for staff and past students to catch up on everything about the university and the latest news. A few of us here have contributed to it, and I’ve mostly worked on the amendments the client has fed back to us. This should have been finished at the end of July, and we are still working on it now. This has massively opened my eyes on how to not manage a project, because it’s really been a mess - not because of the design team, but because of the content planning and decision making from the powers above. Nevertheless, working on a 44 page magazine has really helped me develop my Indesign knowledge.

#Salfies #GetIn - social media campaign

This was a team effort, and a collaboration of ideas that cohered the customer journey (students). The concept was all about the trend of taking ‘selfies’. We wanted new students who had a place at university to interact on social networks (twitter) because that is part of the hype of joining uni. To do this, we produced a sort of photo frame device (device is quite a strong word, it was basically a piece of card) that students can take a selfie with, which they can then post on twitter with #Salfie (salford twist to selfie) and follow the build up of getting to uni. This piece of card was sent in the post along with a get ready guide, and all this was relevant material to integrate the full campaign and customer journey: Get in - a response to clearing; Get ready - the build up to arriving at university and getting everything you need to know; Get going - welcome week and the start of your university experience. We bounced really strong ideas off each other as as team and this helped develop the concept and direction of the project. 

Clearing campaign (Get In)

I helped out on the artwork for the clearing campaign bus stop/bus adverts that you might have seen around manchester (I was even told they were in Liverpool too). It was a campaign to basically raise awareness of the courses available for clearing.

Social media banners (Clearing)

This was pretty straight forward. Designing banners with clear information on for students ringing up for clearing places. The only difficult part was working out where the best area was to put the required information, because facebook and twitter like to be awkward and resize images.

Welcome week Student Union presentation

I’ve also assisted a little with the direction and tone of voice of a presentation Students Union will be performing to new students at the beginning of term. Being a student, I know what would work and what wouldn’t, and I gave feedback on how the presentation could be directed. This is still ongoing, and still being developed, but the foundations of the presentation in terms of tone of voice is in place - it isn’t boring, which was a strong factor, and it includes inspirational and funny videos for the students to watch and laugh at whilst also containing important information on student life and the activities you can do around university…
I have produced two short videos for the presentation, the first being at the very start which quickly flicks through all the salfies students had tweeted, and then abruptly stopping to show various alumnae who have gone on to be successful after their time at Salford University. This is to be played whilst the speaker talks to the audience. The second video I made is a simple image sequence which is intended to be played at the end of the presentation. I had to make sure the images are shown long enough for students to be able to recognise themselves (10 frames per image).


I’ve been very busy for the past two weeks and have had a lot on my plate to work with which I think has been crucial for me to grow as a designer and professional. As well as working on numerous projects, I often co-operate with other staff from different departments to send various material that they require. Smaller things I’ve worked on include letter heads, ID cards, print work and obviously making brews.