Having looked at the possibility of my character essentially having half a face, I’ve took a look at the Batman character Two-Face. The original character of Two-Face was called Harvey Dent, a clean cut district attorney of Gotham City and one of Batman’s allies, but in the comics he is attacked by a mob boss and has acid thrown at him, resulting in him having one side of his face hideously eroded. This incident evolves the Two-Face persona of Harvey Dent and he becomes a criminal of Gotham City, using the outcome of a flip of a coin the decisive factor of bringing good or evil around the city.

I’ve looked at Two-Face in terms of portraying my alter ego because the character comes about based around something that happened in Harvey Dents life, more specifically being attacked by acid. this completely altered Dent’s way of living, and ultimately effected his mental stability and overall exploited his alter ego. This is relevant to my work for both the design of the character and the story behind the Two-Face. I want my character to depict my life experience of having metal plates in my face; this would essentially create a concept for my character and also help me think of a concept for the game.

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